Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari – Modena

To be able to make the most of the best touristic opportunities offered by our territory as far as engines are concerned, apart from the Museo Ferrai in Maranello, you can also visit the Museo casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, dedicated to Enzo Ferrari’s extraordinary story as well as motor-racing.

This is a museum complex which includes the house where the Drake was born in 1898, with the old mechanical workshop annexed to it where his father Alfredo used to work and a futuristic Gallery in the shape of a car-bonnet, designed by Future Systems studio in London. Inside the birthplace house there is a multimedia path leading to the discovery of the character Enzo Ferrari throughout a century of history, the twentieth century.

Instead, the new exhibition Gallery hosts thematic exhibitions which integrate the theme of the automobile with art, technology and design.

Ticket one-for-all

Visiting both exhibitions, you receive a special discount on the entry ticket.

Full adult tickets: €26.00

Concession tickets for students aged 10+, adults over 65, associated organisations, agencies and tour operators: €22.00

Concession tickets for children/teenagers aged 6 to 18 accompanied by parents: €10.00

Book the combined ticket with the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari


Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus connects the two museums and the train station in Modena.

The shuttle bus connects the Modena train station (stop no. 4) and the Museo Ferrari (20km away) every 30 minutes (to the full hour). Furthermore the special shuttle bus connects the Museo Ferrari in Maranello with the Casa Enzo Museo Ferrari in Modena, about 1 km from the station. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, at the museums or online. Groups with more than four people should book online or call +39 051 6056481.

Those, who visit only one museum pay € 11 (round trip) and € 6 (only one way).
Those, who visit both museums pay € 10 (round trip) and € 6 (only one way).