Red Campus

The Red Campus Laboratory

Designed in collaboration with Shell, the Red Campus laboratory is an interactive space where students of junior-high and high schools, but also other young people visiting the Museum with their families, have the opportunity to expand on some important concepts they have studied at school through simulations and games.

The laboratory houses an Augmented Reality station, an innovative technology that, through its sophisticated software, virtually reconstructs any object whatsoever, like, for example, a Ferrari engine on a screen as if it were truly in our hands. Starting from the motions and rotations applied by the user to a simple base connected with the station the software reproduces the movements of the object on the screen, and also ‘enhances’ the reality represented, expanding contents and information.

The laboratory focuses on themes that make Ferrari’s production process a fascinating model of excellence: innovation, team and emotion.

Innovazione focuses on the technical aspects of performance, development and power control, consumption optimization, lightness as a challenge to weight reduction and, therefore, emissions, aerodynamics and safety.

The Team is working on Ferrari’s core values: the concept of team organisation and teamwork, error management, sharing of responsibility and improving performance.

Emozione deals with the brand identity and the Ferrari legend through style, design, architecture and customization.

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