F1 Simulator

Ferrari Museum Maranello F1 Driving Experience

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello offers its visitors the possibility to live the experience of a true Formula 1 driver thanks to the driving simulator, which reproduces the smallest details of one of the most exciting tracks in the world: Monza.

An experience for all, which offers the true feeling the drivers have in a Formula 1 single-seater. The car lets you feel the track, realistically reacts to the surface condition and the kerbs and last but not least offers extraordinary acceleration and braking power to understand how easy it is to go fast with such a sophisticated car.

Before getting on board guests receive a briefing from a river or a technicians, who explains how to use the gearbox (F1 type with shift paddles and no clutch) and which are the gears to be used at the most significant sections of the track. Don’t worry about mistakes and spins or accidents. Everything is extremely realistic, but nothing happens to the driver or the car.

An extraordinary experience to be told your friends and why not to be put online to let those, who never had the possibility to discover a Formula 1 single-seater, see what we’re talking about.

The simulator with professional properties and is set up for gentleman drivers. For those, who have racing or simulator experience, the simulator can be set up in professional mode.

Discover the Formula 1 driver feeling: exciting and less difficult than you might think.

Duration and costs: 1 lap of 7 minute € 25 (incl. VAT).

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