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Superpush - Notte Rossa

Superpush video – Notte Rossa

The video of the Maranello Notte Rossa event is a real must-see, brilliantly showcasing the spirit of the whole Superpush concept. The Ferrari Museums have, in fact, already been asked to stage Superpush competitions at both the Motor Show and the Classic Car and Motorcycle Show in Padua. But have …

Campionato Formula Museo Ferrari

Campionato Formula Museo Ferrari

Driving a Ferrari F1 single-seater in Monza is something very unusual. Driving to qualify for the Finals of the Formula Museo Ferrari …

Tomorrow's Museum is born

Tomorrow’s Museum is born

The extraordinary and unique set up of the MEF, the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, thrilled and moved the visitors at its …