Tomorrow’s Museum is born

Tomorrow's Museum is born

The extraordinary and unique set up of the MEF, the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, thrilled and moved the visitors at its opening, showing that as of today museums will not be the same anymore.

Antonio Ghini, Head of the Ferrari Museums in Maranello and Modena.

“I had the idea to transform a museum into an experience in Maranello, less than two years ago, when Luca di Montezemolo asked me to re-launch the Museo Ferrari. Watching the visitors – especially those coming from far away and who don’t know much about the Company’s history and its drivers – one immediately noticed that what a car on show can transmit, even though it is polished and shown in perfect light, is not at all what the same car could express if it was to be seen in its own era, when it was planned and produced and under what circumstances it was used.

The changes carried out in Maranello to involve the visitors worked perfectly well. Under the slogan Vivi il sogno (Live the dream) 320,000 visitors came in 2013, up from 220,000 two years before. The revolution destined to change the museum’s concept arrived today, on 18 February 2014, on the anniversary of Enzo Ferrari’s birthday, with the inauguration of the new MEF in Modena. The extraordinary building, now directly managed by Ferrari, with a film projection, involves the visitors thanks to 19 projectors screening images on the walls, the ceiling as well as on the floor, to relive the exciting adventure of Enzo Ferrari. The story isn’t limited to the gestures of a young driver, the founder of the Scuderia and the constructor, but it develops with facts and movement through almost 100 years of history: from Futurism at the Ballo Excelsior to Rock and the signs of contemporaneity.

The success of this approach – just over ten minutes of film with space for the visit – one could see on the day of the inauguration with the visitors carried away by the story, first of all Enzo’s son Piero and Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, who were present together with local deputies and Giorgio Pighi, the mayor of Modena, who supported the takeover of the museum’s management by Ferrari.

This unmissable experience in Modena, just like the one in Maranello, according to my personal experience, is destined to revolutionise the approach of museum activities and not only of those dedicated to the world of vehicles. An international audience, attracted by places to be discovered, wants to be convinced of its proper choice. Experiencing passion and the sound of engines unique in the world are more than gratifying. The MEF can prove it.”

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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Enzo Ferrari. Congratulations to Mr. Ghini and Mr. de Montezemolo and thank you for all of the hard work for what is the best car museum in the world. Ferrari is rightfully proud of it’s heritage and does a beautiful job of presenting this to the public. I have had the pleasure to attend and I came away more impressed than ever with this famous Italian marque. Forza Ferrari!

  • Rastislav Mahdal

    Veľká vďaka Antonio GHINI a FERRARI…,za poctu pre Enza !!!

  • Adolf Galland

    Congratulations to Signor Di Montezemolo -surely, after the Commendatore himself, the most important figure and influence on the great Scuderia. Ferrari is now at the very top of their game – their best GT car range ever and one of the very strongest brands in the World. Bravo and Forza!!