Two very special men

Two very special men

The meeting between Piero Ferrari and Count Rangoni Macchiavelli, at the presentation of Paolo Maini’s book “Enzo Ferrari’s first race”, let us discover new details about the history of two very special men: Piero’s father, Enzo, and Rangoni Macchiavelli’s uncle, Lotario, who was Ferrari’s first client in the year 1940.

While the 815 Auto Avio Costruzioni was not called Ferrari, when a copy of its registration book was issued after the war, ACI registered the car as “Ferrari 815″!

Meanwhile the dark red of the first Ferrari’s was used, because it was just like the liveries of the Alfas Enzo Ferrari had used for so long. Opting for a small 1500 cc engine was inspired by Ettore Bugatti, who created small, light and last but not least victorious cars. But there is more: Ferrari liked the engine of the American Packard and therefore wanted a V12!

Wonderful episodes Rangoni told as if he was talking to his family. And despite Lotario’s tragic death, passion for cars and motorbikes was running through his family: in the 1950s Rangoni’s father went to the North Cape on a small Guzzi Galletto motorbike!

With such a prelude “Enzo Ferrari’s first race” is a book that can’t be ignored (Imprimatur publishers, 18 Euro).