The recipe for living the Ferrari dream

Ferrari dream

The Maranello Museum lets you live the dream Ferrari has been fuelling each and every day for over 60 years on both track and road
I made them write “Live the Dream” at the entrance to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

My intention was to communicate the fact that the word ‘museum’ is actually entirely inappropriate in this context because it conjures up images of the past, while Ferrari is a company that revitalises its present each and every day.
Living the dream means diving into a reality comprised of three inextricably linked elements: the company’s soul – the men and women that work at every level in the company; the models of today and the Formula 1 car that does battle on the tracks with its rivals every two weeks; and, naturally, the extraordinary story that has made Ferrari what it is today.
Visiting the museum means actively living that dream, thanks to a host of audiovisuals and interactive features, including a professional simulator that will give you a taste of what it’s like to drive an F1 single-seater.
The effort we have made to create a specific culture at the Museum and through the Ferrari Magazine means we need your cooperation. So I would therefore ask all of you coming to visit us to leave us your suggestions and ideas about how we can improve still further

Antonio Ghini Hed of the Ferrari Museum