“Ferraris from another world”: secret cars, never shown before – another reason to visit the Museo Ferrari

Ferrari from another world China

In the new, big space on the first floor of the museum, these days a very special exhibition has been inaugurated. Here Ferraris never seen and shown before are exposed for the visitors.

They are so called “mulotypes”, transformed and dressed cars, used for the development of new models. Usually they are destined to be destroyed, but these have been saved and restored to their original state. Visitors can now discover the first examples with Hy-Kers for the development of the new LaFerrari, one model used to test the engine of the Enzo, the original Dual Frame project based on the F50′s mechanic and some other extremely interesting examples.

In the same hall some other Ferraris, which worked as hard, such as the F355, the car that travelled around the world in 1997, and the protagonists from the tours in China, India and the Americas, can be found.

The museum’s fascination is improved by numerous films, shown on big screens, absolutely unique. Amongst them there is a documentary of 60 years of Formula 1, presenting all the drivers from the Scuderia’s past. So as of today the experience offered by the Museo Ferrari of Maranello is even more interesting.