F150 code name “Tensostruttura”

Pistunzen 05
They say that Pistunzen just can’t stay quiet. That’s nothing new. A piston only keeps quiet when the engine stops, but for Pistunzen the engine is always running so there’s always something to say…

Do you want to hear what I think? Once in a while I’m visiting the Museo Ferrari and look at the LaFerrari prototypes, which haven’t been chosen. First I thought they were sad, because even if they are wonderful, they will never be proper running cars. Then I understood: they are happy anyways, because they don’t have to sit in a dark depot, they get to be admired by numerous visitors.

Take the one to the left of the LaFerrari, with the code name “Tensostruttura” . This one is absolutely stunning with a bodywork which seems to be a sculpture with all those cuts that make it light and harmonious.

Being a Pistunzen I thought that cars, just like engines, had to be completely compact. If you cut open the engine block you’d not only see the rods, but it also wouldn’t work anymore. Maybe also the cut in the bodywork has a little bit of this effect. It’s nice, but in terms of aero functionality, it’s not as good as some more traditional solutions. I like it anyway. And now I might go for a walk and have another look at the wonderful F150…


  • Giovanni Ferrari

    Dopo tanti anni, la determinazione e il carisma del Commendatore, sono ancora la forza e la fonte di ispirazione, per il futuro della Ferrari. Gli attuali e i futuri dirigenti , dovranno essere all’altezza del loro compito…

  • Nicolo’

    Mio figlio Nicolo’ di 14 anni quando vede una Ferrari si emoziona e io rispondo diventa bravissimo a calcio e te la potrai permettere!!!! FERRARI+STORIA+EMOZIONE+ROSSO+CAVALLINO+ANDRENALINA+AMORE+RICORDI=ENZO FERRARI GRANDE STORIA ITALIANA