Two new stars for the Ferrari Museum: the LaFerrari and Pistunzen

Pistunzen 05
The supercar exhibition features a host of information on Ferrari technologies and an extraordinary display centring on the styling of the new car. Pistunzen is very proud he’s been asked to welcome visitors with clear, simple technical explanations.

This time I really am part of it: I have a very important role to play at the supercar exhibition at the Museum in Maranello. My job, in fact, is to explain all the technical stuff to visitors. It might seem only natural for a Ferrari Pistunzen to be asked to do something that tricky, but it won’t be easy. However, I’ll do my best to deliver the goods as usual.
Sticking with family gossip for a moment, I recommend that you don’t miss my 12 brothers who’ll be looking good in the engine of the LaFerrari, Maranello’s new supercar. The hybrid engine set-up is presented pretty spectacularly as it’s been broken down into its various components so it’s very easy to see how it works. Even though I’m not that keen on them because they don’t have pistons, I have to concede that the two electric motors do help my brothers punch out almost 1,000 hp.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Museum. It’ll be fun!