Formula Museo Ferrari Championship


Driving a Ferrari F1 single-seater in Monza is something very unusual.
Driving to qualify for the Finals of the Formula Museo Ferrari on the Italian track is something even more exciting.
Every month a classification of the fastest lap times driven by visitors of the Museo in Maranello on the professional simulators close to the Convention Hall will be set up.
Visitors can participate in the qualifying of 7 minutes of driving (€25) several times. The fastest lap times of every month, including also those set at some special events, will set the starting grid of the season’s finals to crown the 2014 Champion. Don’t miss this occasion at the Museo in Maranello. Visitors can participate in the Championship every day at the museum and might even have the possibility to challenge a professional driver.

Watch the video of the 2013 Finals here:

Discover the Championship’s classification

  • Christofer Steben de la Esprel

    un simulador mas real con la tecnologia de samsung ya k black berry esta hay y k practique mas alonso k esta quedado jajajjaj k cuando baya juguemos game